Speaker Bios

Speaker Bios

Optional Pre-Institute Workshops


Charlie Noyes: Taking Ex Ed from Theory to Practice at your School


Bio: Charlie Noyes began his teaching career in 1986 at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT, where he currently manages various aspects of the developing farm program and teaches visual art. He earned a B.A. in English from Middlebury College and a M.A. in art education from RISD. Past roles and responsibilities at Hotchkiss include art department chair and art gallery co-director. He also served as director of the Beginning Teachers Institute (BTI) for the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools from 1990-2007. In 2008 he developed and implemented a two-season afternoon co-curricular program to support a very nascent Hotchkiss farming initiative. These days, in addition to strengthening this co-curricular farm program, he is working to develop substantive farm-based coursework in his new half-time role as Curriculum Coordinator for the farm. In addition to teaching, he is a painter, and illustrator. He also pursues interests in music, carpentry and all things out of doors. He lives off campus with his wife Karin, also an artist. They have three grown children and two grandkids. Charlie joined the ISEEN board in 2014. Charlie can be reached at: cnoyes@hotchkiss.org



John Harnetiaux: The Leadership Action Lab: Experiments in Leadership Education


Bio: John Harnetiaux has been the Director of Outdoor Education at Catlin Gabel School since 2016. The Catlin Gabel Outdoor Program serves students in both the Middle and Upper Schools and offers an array of outdoor trips, classes, and programs designed to teach students technical, intrapersonal, and relational skills. John has also been an active NOLS instructor since 2007, where his current work now focuses on teaching leadership development seminars to other NOLS staff and NOLS Custom Education clients. Immediately prior to coming to Catlin Gabel, John was the Associate Director of Campus Recreation/Outdoor Programs at Eastern Washington University John earned a B.A. in sociology and philosophy from Willamette University and an M.A. in Leadership and Organization Development from Saybrook University. John can be reached at: harnetiauxj@catlin.edu


Large Group Workshops/Presenters:


Dan Garvey: Multi-generational education: The possibilities and responsibilities. Regardless of where we fall on the aging continuum, we have an opportunity to serve as a bridge to help facilitate the transfer of knowledge between generations. Our lives and careers will be enhanced if we pay attention to the diverse perspectives held by people based upon their generational orientation.


Bio: Dan Garvey is no stranger to ISEEN. In fact, we've been lucky enough to have him present at many of the previous conferences. Dan retired as President of Prescott College and has been working with Semester at Sea. He just finished his sixth voyage as Dean. The most recent voyage stopped in: Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, South Africa, Ghana and Germany. Prior to these positions he was a faculty member at the University of New Hampshire, teaching and researching in the area of experiential education. Before that he had a 25-year career as an administrator and educator focused on education reform and improvement. He is a former VISTA Volunteer and Upward Bound Director, President and Executive Director of the Association for Experiential Education, served as Vice President for the American Youth Foundation, was Dean of Entering Students at the University of New Hampshire. He served on the AmeriCorps Executive Committee and participated in writing the first program grant. Dan holds a Ph.D. in social and multi-cultural foundations from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a master’s degree in social change from Cambridge-Goddard Graduate School of Social Change, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Worcester State University. He is the recipient of the UNH School of Health Studies Outstanding Teaching Award, a Kurt Hahn Award recipient, and Julian Smith Award recipient.  He has authored more than 25 books and articles dealing with the broad topic of experiential education.  He is a former NOLS trustee and board member at Project Adventure. Dan can be reached at: degarvey@gmail.com


Dave Mochel: Effective Reflection Practices


Bio: Dave has been involved in experiential education for more than 25 years. For two decades he ran experientially-based human development programs in independent schools. He now travels the world as a coach and consultant helping individuals and organizations derive the wisdom they need from their experience to respond more gracefully to whatever shows up in life. He has a master's degree in humanistic and multicultural education from SUNY New Paltz and he has completed a clinical internship in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Dave’s Ted Talk on “what are you practicing right now?” can be accessed here. Dave can be reached at: dwmochel@gmail.com