The Winter Institute is specifically geared to those working within independent school experiential education programs (outdoor/adventure education, global education, service learning, student leadership, and sustainability programs) and provides opportunities to learn from experts.

What is ISEEN?

ISEEN is an international learning laboratory and networking opportunity through which independent school experiential educators, administrators, & classroom teachers can share their challenges and successes, learn of and from model programs, and explore the developing role of experiential practices within our educational communities. Experiential education encompasses a host of different initiatives in each of our schools including:
  • outdoor/adventure education
  • global education/travel
  • service learning
  • sustainability initiatives
  • leadership development
  • classroom pedagogy


The Summer Institute focusses on classroom teachers, providing them an understanding of how experiential education pedagogy and practice can help enhance their academic curricula and classroom practice. To provide focus to the discussions and stronger opportunities to develop community.


ISEEN seeks to lead, inform, connect, expand, and steward transformational experiential teaching and learning throughout an interconnected world.


Attendees at 8th Annual Janary Institute in Santa Barbara, CA describe their experience with ISEEN. Video was shot by the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press


Experiential education is a pedagogical process by which educators engage students through a cycle of direct experience, reflection, analysis and experimentation. Experiential education values personal connection to deep and applied learning and inspires growth in both the student and teacher.

Ted Hill

Ted is currently President of the Roessler-Chadwick Foundation in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, which operates both Chadwick School in Palos Verdes and Chadwick International School in Songdo, South Korea. Prior to his appointment as president, Hill served for 18 years as headmaster at Chadwick School. While headmaster, he spearheaded initiatives to develop exemplary character in students and to increase Chadwick’s global focus, playing leadership roles in global educational organizations and significantly expanding Chadwick’s national and international reputation.

Courtney Prieur

Courtney Prieur is currently the full-time Operations Director for ISEEN. She is on sabbatical from Selwyn House School in Montreal, Quebec, an independent K-11 all-boys' day school where she is the Director of Student Life. Her focus at school is on the development of student leadership via student council, activities & events, community engagement and in the classroom! Courtney has attended the annual ISEEN Institute since 2010 and has been involved with the logistical planning since 2014.