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About ISEEN Membership:

The Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN) was founded in 2005 as an international learning laboratory and networking opportunity through which independent school experiential educators and administrators can share their program challenges and successes, learn of and from model programs, and explore the developing role of experiential practices within our educational communities. This is accomplished through attendance at annual institutes, participation in social media platforms, and through a robust membership model. Membership debuted in July of 2015 as a way to meet the requests of our constituents for improved networking, ongoing connections, and resource sharing with fellow experiential educators around the globe.

Who Can Join:

ISEEN membership is open to all educators interested in and connected to independent school experiential education. This includes experiential educators, independent school teachers, program directors, and administrators, as well as industry experts, and committed educators who work with independent schools through third-party organizations. Note: Individuals or organizations whose business includes, or might include, the selling of services to independent schools will not be permitted to promote their services or organization through ISEEN membership. All individuals/organizations must understand that their role as an ISEEN member will be that of a fellow educator, and their membership will be terminated should this expectation be violated. 

ISEEN Membership Provides the Following Benefits:

  1. Access to the membership site for as many internal users as the organizational administrator designates.
  2. All ISEEN member schools will receive initial priority registration (for one month after registration is open) for both the ISEEN Winter and Summer Institutes. Members will also receive two weeks of priority registration for additional attendees should spots still be available after the conclusion of the early-bird rate. Non-school organizational members may apply for one of five spots at the Annual Winter Institute.
  3. Connection to like-minded educators in the areas of outdoor/adventure education, global education, service learning, sustainability, student leadership, classroom pedagogy and practices, and leadership & administration through optional discussion group listservs.
  4. Access to the ISEEN Bibliohive, a digital library of curated resources related to experiential education, including suggested readings, past Institute workshop presentation videos, and a large array of articles, videos, TED talks, and resources connected to a number of relevant topics. for a sample view of the ISEEN Bibliohive.
  5. Access to a robust resource-sharing platform that provides a vehicle to view, share, upload, and download resources specific to our schools and programs. (It might help us all avoid recreating the wheel!) 
  6. Access to all archived Winter Institute presentations and notes.
  7. Participation in the annual ISEEN survey, collecting relevant benchmarking data on EE programs in independent schools, and access to all survey results. Surveys will be sent out in late spring and result shared in early fall each year.
  8. No-cost phone consultations with ISEEN's Executive Director.

ISEEN offers three types of membership which are described below. Educational Service Providers and Individual members are application base and will be vetted by the Executive Director to ensure accurate membership type selection. 

1. School Membership - $350 (USD)

This membership type is open to any independent school; lower, middle, upper, day and/or boarding that is involved with experiential education pedagogy. Unlimited internal users from your school can be added within this membership type.

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2. Educational Service Provider Membership - $350 (USD)

This membership type is open to any organization that is working alongside independent schools to deliver experiential education. Educational Service Providers (ESPs) offer a variety of services such as global programs, international travel experiences, student leadership development, outdoor education programming, service learning or community engagement programming, risk management consulting, insurance, and/or diversity and inclusion consulting among other areas. Unlimited internal users from an organization can be added within this membership type.

Note: While Educational Service Providers gain significant value by attending the Winter Institute and the intimate networking opportunities available to them to build relationships with member schools, their primary role as an ISEEN member will be that of a fellow educator. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for greater visibility, please contact the Executive Director ([email protected]).

Please also note: There are a limited number of spots at the Annual Winter Institute for Educational Service Provider attendees. Please visit the Winter Institute page for more details.

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3. Individual Educators Not Currently Affiliated with a School or Organization - $250 (USD)

This membership category is for individual educators who have worked for and/or hope to work for independent school experiential education programs in the future. Researchers and university students should also select this category.

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The annual membership cycle runs from September 1 - August 31.

If you have any questions regarding the value of membership for you, your school, or organization, please contact us.