Winter Institute

2022 Winter Institute:
Belonging to Our Place: Stewardship, Well-Being, and Heritage

January 18-22, 2022 | Hosted by Verde Valley School in Sedona, AZ

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Every January, at a host school across North America, over 100 experiential educators from around the globe gather to discuss topics relevant to our programs, our schools, and our future. The January Institute is specifically geared to those working within independent school experiential education programs (outdoor/adventure education, global education, service learning, student leadership, and sustainability programs) and provides opportunities to learn from experts, model programs and practices, and each other on how best to enhance and integrate experiential education into our school's cultures, curricula, and communities.

Goals of the Institute:

  • Bringing together schools with active experiential education programs
  • Sharing proven practices and effective models for experientially based programs
  • Promoting the integration of experiential education into school's day-to-day curriculum, culture, and communities
  • Creating a network of collegiality and connection for ongoing communication and idea sharing
  • Bringing together program directors and school administrators to engage in meaningful conversation and idea sharing to help promote and support valuable experiential education curricula within independent schools
  • Having the Institute hosted each year by a different member school (to allow us to see each other's programs and schools up close)
  • Scheduling time to allow for the sharing of strengths and questions, exploring the unique community and location of the host school, connecting with students of the host school, and casual time to network and participate in a unique local activity with professional peers