Support ISEEN with the Jessie Barrie Scholarship Fund For Experiential Educators

ISEEN is pleased to announce the launch of the Jessie Barrie Scholarship Fund For Experiential Educators. This fund will defray the cost of attending the ISEEN Institutes for educators who cannot participate without financial support.

Jessie Barrie’s passion and commitment to helping educators develop relevant, creative and inspiring curriculum and programming have been a true gift to all those who have connected with her over her 14 years with ISEEN. Her vision and dedication in establishing intimate and immersive professional development opportunities have transformed what teachers thought possible when attending a “conference.” Her legacy, good-nature and positive outlook on what education could and should be will remain an invaluable gift that ISEEN carries into the future.

If you share our vision of transformative teaching and learning in an interconnected world, please consider contributing financially to help us fulfill it. ISEEN is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so your contributions are entirely tax-deductible.

Your contribution will support our strategic goal focused on expanding ISEEN offerings to meet the needs of a more diverse audience.

Make a donation now to support the Jessie Barrie scholarship fund. The target goal is $25,000 to launch the scholarship fund into the future.

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