Shoshanna Sumka

Shoshanna Sumka is a leader in global learning, community engagement, and student
leadership development. As the Executive Director (ED) of ISEEN, Shoshanna works to
inspire and support experiential educators and connect lifelong learners through our
inclusive network of our students.


Taras Ferencevych

Taras Ferencevych, a long-time ISEEN member, has a 25+ year career in experiential
education based on an eclectic mix of experiences with a strong emphasis on programming.
From his humble beginnings as a camp counselor, he understood the importance of
thoughtful program design as a catalyst for meaningful and fulfilling student experiences.


Michelle Edwards

Dr. Edwards is a dynamic and dedicated educational leader who is committed to the belief
that all children and educators can achieve greatness at high levels through effective effort,
high quality feedback and consistent support. With over 25 years of experience in all facets
of school administration and instructional leadership, her passion for the community at-large,
is what drives her motivation to continue advancing and improving the education field.

Erin Hawk

Erin Hawk is the Executive Director & Co-Founder of World Leadership School. She
develops socially responsible collaborative partnerships for independent schools with
communities around the globe. In her work, she oversees in-person and virtual educator
professional development from design to facilitation.


Garth Nichols

Garth Nichols is the Vice Principal of Experiential Education and Innovation. He is excited to
bring his expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge building on experiential learning and digital
transformation to the ISEEN board and members and member schools. His passion is
developing the skills and mindsets of future-readiness in schools, educators and students
through experiential learning.


Sheryl Murray

Sheryl is the Chair, Experiential Learning at Hillfield Strathallen College in Hamilton Ontario.
Sheryl designs and implements local and global trips and supports Outdoor Education
programming. She is an innovator and passionate about experiential education, especially
as it relates to unconventional learning.


Elizabeth Pillsbury

Elizabeth (Beth) Pillsbury, PhD is a historian, a teacher and the Director of Experiential
Education and Summer Programs at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, NY. She
believes that through an interdisciplinary approach to experiential learning, students have
the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their academic studies as well as to
develop new passions, interests, and capacities.


Sarah Morrison

Dr. Sarah Morrison is a dynamic leader with a demonstrated history of creative initiatives and
diverse experience in K-12 education, non-profit arts, and higher education. She is
recognized for vibrant leadership, strong communication, and the ability to facilitate
courageous spaces that inspire connection and collaboration as well as advance action.


Danielle Johnson-Webb

Danielle joined Cary Academy in 2019 to lead their equity and inclusion efforts as well as
direct their Center for Community Engagement. Prior to Cary Academy, Danielle served in
senior leadership roles in enrollment management, communications, and development at
several North Carolina area independent schools.