2016 Honolulu

The 11th Annual Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN) was co-hosted

by Punahou and 'Iolani Schools in stunning Honolulu, Hawaii. These two schools personify the institute's theme of PLACE BASED EDUCATION and this was the most experiential institute to date.

All Participants Experienced the Following:

* Place Based Education Hawaii Style: Pedagogy, Practices, Poi, and Paddles. An exploration of place based education through the Hawaiian lens and how to apply the concepts at your own school.

* Experiential Education in Action: Using place based education as a tool to deepen student learning and create local and cultural connections.

* One half day: Participants will select 1-2 activity based options that explore the role of place based and experiential education at Punahou School .

* One half day: Participants will select one activity based option that explores the role of Hawaiian culture through place based education at 'Iolani School,

* One full day at the breathtaking Kualoa Ranch: Participants will spend one full day at Oahu's most fascinating sustainably raised cattle ranch (that has also become one of the most recognizable movie and TV locations - LOST lovers, get ready to eat your heart out! - and tourism destinations, all in support of protection of the land and sustainability initiatives). Attendees will be immersed in hikes, service & sustainability projects, and team building challenges. These activities will be used as a platform to support discussion around effective use of Kolb's experiential education cycle, along with model practices and common pitfalls of facilitating effective place based experiential education, and how to transfer the learning back to your home school.

* Administrators' and students' perspectives on the Punahou and 'Iolani experiential education curricula.

* Model Programs & Practices “Show & Tell” Learning Lab.

* Advanced Practitioners Breakfast.

* Mentor/Mentee connections and lunch.

* Multiple opportunities to immerse in a specialty area (outdoor/adventure education, global education, service learning and administration ) and make deep connections with like minded educators and discuss topics relevant to each specialization.

* Extended time for informal networking through longer break periods, dynamic activities, and group dinners.

Optional Pre-Conference Workshops & Activities included: 

* Expanding Your Role as an Educator to Increase the Power of Experiential Education (David and Alice Kolb-of Kolb's Experiential Education Cycle!) 8:00am-11:00am, $75.00

* Leaning into Risk: The Institutional Layers of Risk Management (Simon Hart, Where There Be Dragons), 8:00-11:00am $75.00

* Welcome & Orientation for all First Timers to ISEEN, including "Talking your Walk; Understanding the theory of experiential education pedagogy and how to connect it in conversation with various stakeholders" (Members of the ISEEN Board of Directors), 12:00-1:30pm, No additional charge

* Surfing 101: Private ISEEN group lesson, 2:00-4:30pm, Final price will be dependent on number of individuals that sign up, but will range from $69.00-$83.00. $40.00 non-refundable deposit upon registration to be collected.

* "Sense of Place" Visit and Hike to Ualaka'a State Park, 2:00-4:30pm, $30.00

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding the Institute.