Registrations 2019-2020

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This process has been updated from previous years in order to ensure easier enrollment for our attendees. We know that many schools and organizations hold attendee spots prior to knowing exactly who is attending. This new two-part process helps to streamline enrollment and requires attendees to complete the form with an individual’s information only once.

Here’s an overview of the two steps:

  1. Registration -- The first step secures spaces for attendees from your school or organization (note that the Winter Institute limits 3 per school, 1 per ESP organization). The registration process asks general questions and involves submitting payment to hold those spots.
  2. Enrollment -- This phase of the process should be completed by the attendee who will be participating in the Institute. At this point, they will provide personal contact information and details, select sessions and ExEd in Action experiences and enroll in optional pre- and post-Institute activities. The contact who registered attendees will receive a notification when enrollment goes live.

The form includes registration for the following 2019-2020 programs:

  • Winter Institute 2020 (Portland, Oregon) - Jan 21-24, 2020 (limit to 3 spaces per school)
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Expedition Spring 2020 (Washington, DC) - March 19, 2020
  • Summer Teacher Institute Session 1 -- History, Elementary Ed, Science (Santa Fe, New Mexico) - June 18-22, 2020
  • Summer Teacher Institute Session 2 -- Math, English, Global Languages (Santa Fe, New Mexico) - June 23-27, 2020
  • Asia-Pacific Global Institute (Songdo, South Korea) - Oct 8-11, 2020
Please have your credit card ready for payment. You will receive a receipt upon completion of the payment information. If you prefer to receive an invoice to pay by check for your registration, please email [email protected] with your registration details to register manually.
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 Note: If you would like to register for one of the above Institutes at a future time, you may return to this page and register more people. You do not need to know the name of who is attending the Institute at the time of registration, although each program does have a cap of attendees from each school.