ISEEN leads, informs, connects, expands, and stewards transformational experiential teaching and learning throughout an interconnected world.

Our Values


Embracing the dynamic needs of students and educators in response to an evolving society.


Engaging in the exchange of diverse ideas and practices to build a network of authentic, supportive, and socially just relationships.


Creating an ethos of collaboration in which everyone is respected, valued, and represented as both a life-long learner and contributor.


Challenging the status quo and taking the initiative to pursue bold ideas with heart, compassion, and intention.




DIVERSITY, EQUITY, INCLUSION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, AND PROGRAMS: Become a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization that prioritizes social justice through mission-focused, relevant, and unique professional development experiences that respond to member demand and nurture existing and future partnerships with mission-aligned organizations.

FINANCE: Create a long-term sustainable financial model that ensures ISEEN’s ability to actualize its mission and prioritizes diversity, inclusivity, equity, and social justice.

MARKETING AND MEMBERSHIP: Cultivate a strong, diverse, inclusive, and equitable worldwide network of educators and organizations that are informed and supported by ISEEN.

ORGANIZATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Continue to strengthen the Board to support the needs of ISEEN in becoming a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization that prioritizes social justice.


Our History

ISEEN was initially founded in 2005 under the name “ISAN,” standing for the Independent Schools Adventure Network. ISAN was formed as a place for outdoor and adventure education program directors to gather once a year, at a host school, to share ideas, celebrate successes and lessons learned, and to meet colleagues from around the country who spoke a common language and could provide, for some, what became their one “department” meeting of the year. After three years as a specialized group, it became clear that the focus of many of our jobs and roles at our schools were evolving. As the wave of global education, sustainability, and service learning programs was sweeping our schools, many outdoor and adventure education directors were being asked to take a leadership role in the design and management of these new programs. It was apparent that our organization had naturally morphed into one of a broader reach, and so in 2008 ISAN was changed to ISEEN, the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network.  A registered non-profit since 2012, ISEEN is staffed by an Executive Director and a Director of Professional Learning & Programs and managed by a board of directors and SBI Association Management. ISEEN has gained prominence and respect within the independent school community, has over 1,100 experiential educator members and has grown to support the networking, idea sharing, and collegiality of experiential educators from over 200 independent schools across the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, and South Africa.


 Our Founders

ISEEN was founded in 2005 by five independent schools and organizationally sponsored by Project Adventure. Each of the following schools contributed financial resources and steering committee members towards the startup of the network which ultimately became the ISEEN of today; a US nonprofit organization.

Albuquerque Academy
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lawrenceville School
Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Phillips Academy Andover
Andover, Massachusetts
Westminster Schools
Atlanta, Georgia
Westtown School
West Chester, Pennsylvania


 Learn About ISEEN

Learn About ISEEN from ISEEN on Vimeo.