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ISEEN Winter Institute - Cary, NC
Tuesday, January 17, 2023 to Friday, January 20, 2023
Category: Winter Institute

The 18th Annual ISEEN Winter Institute in Cary, NC will explore questions about how we help our students engage the wider world as leaders in partnership with our communities. At every Winter Institute, designed for school administrators and leaders, the host school showcases their experiential learning through delving deeply into an intentional theme that attendees will experience throughout the four-days by examining essential questions:

  • How can independent schools form external partnerships to break down barriers of class, race, and privilege that too often make our schools feel disconnected from our wider communities? 
  • How do we ensure those partnerships are mutually beneficial and sustaining for ourselves and our external collaborators? 
  • How do we include our students in developing and sustaining those partnerships as leaders? 
  • And how do we prepare our students as active leaders both within and beyond our campuses?

This year’s theme, Empowered ExEd: Sustained Partnerships and Student Leadership will help participants consider how they might build opportunities for transformative student development at their own schools. Even at a school like Cary Academy, where adult leaders are committed to social justice, we understand how legacies of white supremacy and privilege make building equitable partnerships challenging. Nevertheless, Cary Academy has learned to take risks that bring us closer to the goal of building a more just world, and to engage our students fully in that work as preparation for their own lives of purpose.

The Host School
This year’s host school, Cary Academy, was founded 25 years ago with a mission focused on discovery, innovation, and collaboration, and it continues to live out that mission in myriad ways. This work was supercharged four years ago with the creation of the school’s Center for Community EngagementThe CCE brings clarity and intentionality to efforts on equity, service learning, entrepreneurship development, and experiential learning. All of the Center’s work relies on developing and sustaining relationships with people, organizations, businesses, and communities beyond Cary Academy’s campus. The CCE’s commitment to developing students as leaders and change agents means that Cary Academy students are often making and developing those relationships themselves, with adults mentoring more often than directing.  

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