Mission, Vision, & Values

Mission: Why ISEEN Exists:

ISEEN seeks to lead, inform, connect, expand, and steward transformational experiential teaching and learning throughout an interconnected world.

ISEEN's Definition of Experiential Education:

Experiential education is a pedagogical process by which educators engage students through a cycle of direct experience, reflection, analysis, and experimentation. Experiential education values personal connection to deep and applied learning and inspires growth in both the student and teacher.

Values: As Experiential Educators we believe that learning by doing is essential and requires:

  • Adaptability: Embracing the dynamic needs of students and educators in response to an evolving society
  • Community: Engaging in the exchange of diverse ideas and practices to build a network of authentic, supportive, and socially just relationships
  • Inclusivity: Creating an ethos of collaboration in which everyone is respected, valued, and represented as both a life-long learner and contributor
  • Passion: Challenging the status quo and taking the initiative to pursue bold ideas with heart, compassion, and intention

Our Vision for Experiential Education:

Transformative teaching and learning in an interconnected world

Vision for ISEEN: What We Strive For:

  • ISEEN supports and informs a vibrant, engaged worldwide network of educators, schools, NGOs and service providers committed to Experiential Education
  • School leaders across ISEEN understand, embrace and champion the role of Experiential Education in developing 21st-century skills in their schools and communities
  • Schools of education and credentialing agencies (e.g., The College Board, International Baccalaureate Organization, etc.) recognize the value of Experiential Education, integrate it into their curricula, trainings, and materials, and collaborate with ISEEN in its promotion
  • Expansion and diversification of program-related offerings address the needs of and inspire ISEEN membership and its expanded global network, fulfilling our mission
  • Partnerships with local, national, and international philanthropic organizations ensure funding that increases access to and improves the quality of ISEEN resources, programs, and trainings
  • Strategic partnerships with diverse organizations and institutions (e.g., AEE, Round Square, GEBG, Lerner School of Medicine, etc.) achieve synergies and innovations thereby expanding our reach and further promoting Experiential Education
  • Innovative assessments developed by member schools, organizations and like-minded institutions that reinforce deep learning, stimulate reflection and demonstrate the inherent value of Experiential Education are accessed by a broad international audience
  • Focus on experiential learning in the classroom, including the development of teacher resources, informs and promotes the integration of Experiential Education in schools
  • ISEEN’s commitment to global and local diversity and intercultural intelligence is clearly reflected through our membership and participants, governance and policies, and programs, approaches, and resources

Goals: What We Must Achieve to Realize Our Vision:

  • Create a strong worldwide network of educators and organizations informed and supported by ISEEN
  • Promote awareness and understanding, and encourage school and education leaders to embrace the role of Experiential Education in developing 21st-century skills
  • Forge alliances with schools of education and other credentialing agencies (College Board, IBO, etc.) that recognize the value of and help promote Experiential Education
  • Create a long-term sustainable financial model that assures ISEEN’s ability to actualize its mission
  • Form strategic partnerships with organizations and institutions (e.g. CityTerm, AEE, Round Square, GEBG, Private Schools w/ a Public Purpose, Lerner College of Medicine, Colorado College, etc.) in order to achieve synergies and greater reach
  • Focus on, encourage, and reinforce Experiential Education in the classroom and provide and/or facilitate access to resources to help a broader range of educators
  • Expand ISEEN offerings to meet the needs of a more diverse membership and audience
  • Through strategic partnerships, develop new and identify existing effective, innovative assessments that demonstrate the value and impact of Experiential Education
  • Strengthen, diversify and professionalize the Board as paid staffing expands
  • Develop and execute a coordinated communication and marketing plan for Experiential Education and ISEEN