18th Annual ISEEN Winter Institute: Call for Host Site Proposals

Institute Dates: January or February 2024 (Tues-Fri) 

We are excited to announce that ISEEN is currently accepting proposals for ISEEN Winter Institute host sites for ISEEN Member Schools. Note: You must be a current and active member school to be able to host an Institute.

This is an excellent opportunity for ISEEN Member Schools with:

  • A longstanding relationship with ISEEN.
  • A strong experiential education program model that you want to showcase.
  • Enthusiastic staff members who can serve as the official conveners/organizers on-site.
  • A school with a strong focus (or a strong desire to focus) on diversity, equity, and inclusion integrated within experiential education programming. This would be ideal, but not required.

In return for hosting an ISEEN Institute, Host Schools advance their experiential work by:

  • Gaining wide-reaching visibility for school’s work and experiential education programs and practices.
  • Playing a leadership role in developing Institute content and theme.
  • Bringing expert insight to the ISEEN/experiential ed community through Institute panels and programming.
  • Receiving discounted Institute registration for host school employees.
  • Becoming a part of a unique cadre of Institute host schools that provide leadership and insight into ISEEN and experiential ed work.

Host Site must be able to commit to the following:

  • Hosting a site visit for ISEEN’s Executive Director and Program Manager in Fall 2022 (October or November).
  • Provide one host site convener who will coordinate all aspects of the programming at the host school and help with coordination for the entire conference (Sunday to Saturday) 
  • Facilitate all aspects of the on-campus programming including booking all rooms and helping to coordinate meals and refreshments on the Wednesday sessions at the host school.
  • Invited to sponsor meals, transportation and other event support. 
  • Include faculty/admin participation throughout the program.
    • Head of School speaks at the opening session on-campus (usually the 2nd or 3rd day of the Institute).
    • Administrators (up to 4) to speak about their work around experiential education to serve on Admin Panel during the on-campus day.
    • Faculty to support on-campus workshops during the host school day and lead Ex Ed in Action projects on the second day of the Institute.
  • Provide approximately 15 Experiential Education in Action projects and coordinate logistics for participants to engage for a full day on the second day of the Institute.
  • Provide ideas and options (and potential connections) for off-campus dining and activities (e.g. post-Institute fun activities such as a craft beer tour, ice skating, etc.)
  • Transportation to/from the hotel and to/from the Ex Ed in Action sites.
  • Help support ISEEN staff with on-the-ground logistics, photography, and ideas to make the Institute special and give attendees a chance to enjoy/experience the local area.

Submit a Proposal

Submit a Proposal >

Please submit your proposal by March 14, 2022.

The proposal includes the following elements which can be prepared in advance:

Host School and Convener Details:

  • Host school name
  • Location of host school
  • Head of School
  • Suggested Convener/Coordinators from School
  • Past Institutes attended by conveners
  • Convener job titles
  • Head of School contact information
  • Convener contact information
  • Length of ISEEN membership

Reasons the Host School is Ideal for an ISEEN Institute

  • Description and brief background of the school.
  • Description of experiential education programs at the host school and why they are models to be showcased.
  • Description of the city and location and what is unique and exciting about the location. Describe what could be showcased through the Institute about the region/city. Feel free to describe sites and potential activities for attendees.
  • Describe how the school and experiential ed programs are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and how that ethos could be showcased at the Institute.
  • Possible Institute theme.
  • Sample Experiential Education in Action expeditions your faculty could lead. 

Please feel free to include any additional information in the proposal that seems relevant to hosting the Institute.